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How to get there

Poros is a beautiful island that can be reached with ease from Athens and several spots along the eastern Peloponnese coast. Don't forget to learn about your options for local transportation so you can plan your trip to your hotel and conveniently visit every part of Poros.


By Car

From Galatas in the Peloponnese, Poros is easily accessible by car. If you are coming from Athens, you must take the Greek National Road from Athens to Corinth. Following the Corinth Canal, you must take the road leading to Epidaurus, where you will see signs pointing the way to Galatas. You can board a ferry from the port of Galatas with your automobile and travel in 10 minutes to Poros.
If you don't have a car of your own, renting one is a great choice for your sightseeing excursions!


By Ferries

Frequent ferries and hydrofoils travel to Poros. Ferries are big vehicles that can transport both people and vehicles, whereas hydrofoils are actually small speed boats designed solely for carrying people. Additionally, a hydrofoil may get you to Poros in just one hour, compared to a ferry's three-hour travel time. 
Galatas, a small harbor in the Peloponnese, is another way to get to Poros. You can go from Galatas to Poros by ferry in only ten minutes, and there are nearly constant itineraries with vessels leaving approximately every thirty minutes.

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Transfer Requests

Shuttle Bus from Nafplion are available. Let us know in the Brokers Regitration form.

  • May 3rd at 18:00 PM from Nafplio to Poros

  • May 4th at 09:00 AM from Nafplion to Poros

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Galatas Poros Port

Accommodations Discounts

Mention that you will be attending the EMMYS Yacht Charter Show, so that you can have the discounted price.

Hotels & Lodging

Plan your stay during the yacht show

For your convenience we have carefully chosen a selection of accommodation from modern first-class hotels to comfortable pensions most of them within walking distance of the show.

Here is a sailing guide from YACHTING.COM mentioning that the Saronic is one of the best locations in the Mediterranean for yachting during spring time.

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