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Chef Competition

Competition: "A Taste of Greece" featuring PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) or ΠΟΠ


This year, the EMMYS Yacht Show's competitions will shine a spotlight on the culinary delights of Greece. Greece boasts an extensive range of agricultural products, including renowned items such as olives and olive oil, cheeses, wines, mastic, and saffron. These products have garnered international acclaim as Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), earning prestigious distinctions for their exceptional quality and irresistible characteristics. Such recognition is not only a testament to the richness of Greek soil but also to the passion and traditional knowledge passed down through generations to the dedicated producers.

Two Categories:

1. Diamond: yachts with a daily high charter rate over EURO 5000

2. Emerald: yachts with a daily high charter rate upto  EURO 4999











Competition Day:

1. You will receive notification just prior to the judge's arrival, along with an approximate time schedule during the chef's briefing.

2. You are required to provide four printed menus: one for the photographer  and three for the judges.

3. You will have 20 minutes to serve your three-course meal (appetiser, main course and dessert) to the panel of three judges.

4. For each course, please prepare four servings, three for the judges along with an additional one for photography purposes.

Judging Criteria for the Chef Competition: 


Chefs will be evaluated based on a points system, following the criteria outlined below:

- Appearance and presentation: visually appealing

- Taste: flavor, seasoning, and balanced flavors

- Creativity: innovative use of the competition theme 

- Overall appeal: originality and creativity


Registrate to participate:

Registration for the Chef's Competition and Tablescaping Competition is open. Please note that we can only accommodate twelve (12) yachts in each category. In the event that we receive more than ten entries, a draw will be conducted, and the final entries will be announced one week prior to the show.


A briefing will be held for all confirmed entries at the Media building Syggrou Amphitheatre. Location:

Date: April 24th, 19:00-19:30.

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