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Yacht Show Registration
Fees & Terms

Registration Procedure:

Online Registration is available for Yachts, Brokers, Trade/Vendor visitors, Exhibitors and Press.

Registration is completed online, once your registration has been approved you will receive an invoice and payment instructions.

Registration Details:

  • PRESS - No Registration Fee for accredited press or media representatives who are welcome to register online.  Kindly contact the Registration office upon arrival for your invitations. Two (2) invitations per pre-registered Press Company for all the official events.

  • YACHTS - EMMYS is open to all professionally crewed yachts that are compliant with their flag states for commercial charter activity in Greece. The emphasis of the Show is on crewed multihulls and crewed monohulls both motor and sail. If the condition and overall standard of a yacht is questionable or unknown, the show committee may require the yacht to provide three Yacht-Condition Declarations. These Declarations are to be provided by Brokers who have personally inspected the yachts within the past 12 months or Brokers who have had successful charters with the yacht within the last 12 months. The Show Committee’s decisions are final and non-disputable.


Mandatory Yacht Documents:

  • Yacht’s Registry Certificate

  • Commercial license

  • Copy of insurance

  • One external photo of the yacht in high resolution (minimum 15x10cm, landscape orientation and format: tif, jpg or png minimum quality 300dpi) 

  • Registrations are only valid when copies of all necessary documents have been submitted along with the Registration form.


Registration Deadline:

All yachts should register by 1st of March , 2024. However, some yachts may be accepted after this date depending on berthing availability and/or possible cancelations. Yachts that register after this date might not feature in the EMMYS brochure that will go to print prior to the show.

Yacht Registration Rates:

Registration fee for EPEST members:

  • CATAMARANS - Minimum length 48 ft / 14,75 m = 200€ + 15€/meter + VAT 24%

  • MONOHULLS - M/Y or S/Y with Minimum length 60ft / 18,00 m) = 165€ + 12€/meter + VAT 24%

Registration fee for NON- EPEST members:

  • CATAMARANS - Minimum length 48 ft / 14,75 m = 600€ + 15€/meter + VAT 24%

  • MONOHULLS - M/Y or S/Y with Minimum length 60ft / 18,00 m) = 400€ + 12€/meter + VAT 24%

Requirements for Brokers & Agents:

All charter brokers are invited to register for the EMMYS and will be accepted if the EMMYS Panel approves their registration. The reserve the right to review all applications and accept or deny any that are submitted..

Brokers/Agents Registration Fees:

  • Until March 24th, 2024 = 150€ including VAT

  • Late registrations = 180€ including VAT


  • Until March 24th, 2024 = 400€ including VAT

  • Late registrations = 450€ including VAT


PLATINUM @ 30.000€ including VAT

  • Stand 5 x 5 fully furnished

  • Hotel Accommodation for 2 people

  • Media Coverage (Social Media Posts, Brochure, Back Drop)

GOLD @ 15.000€ including VAT

  • Stand 2.5 x 5 fully furnished

  • Hotel Accommodation for 2 people

  • Media Coverage (Social Media Posts, Brochure, Back Drop)

SILVER @ 5.000€ including VAT

  • Stand 3 x 3 

  • Media Coverage (Social Media Posts, Brochure, Back Drop)

BRONZE @ 2.500€ including VAT

  • Stand 3 x 3 

  • 1 VENDOR’S Registration Fee Included

*    Invoicing non-european companies the final cost will remain the same 





ACCOUNT NUMBER: 072/482008-88

ΙΒΑΝ: GR25 0110 0720 0000 0724 8200 888


Cancellation Policy:

  • Cancellations prior to March 1st, 2024 will get 100% refund (BEN bank fees)

  • Cancellations after March 1st  & up until March 30th  will get 50% (BEN bank fees)

  • Cancellations after March 31st non refundable

Shuttle Bus from Poros:

  • April 27th at 8:30 AM from Poros to Nafplio​ (RSVP)

  • April 27th at 18:30 PM from Poros to Nafplio​ (RSVP)

  • April 28th at 08:30 AM from Poros to Nafplio (RSVP)

  • April 28th at 18:30 PM from Poros to Nafplio (RSVP)

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