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Giannis Baxevanis, a prominent figure in Greek cuisine, studied in Greece and France, becoming an influential innovator. Hailing from Crete, he learned the secrets of Cretan nature and wild herbs from his grandmothers, reintroducing forgotten products like carob and stamnagathi to discerning tables. His talent has earned him numerous awards, including "Chef of the Year" twice.

With a culinary journey spanning restaurants in Dubai, Greece, and Switzerland, Giannis Baxevanis has served as a gastronomic representative of Greece abroad. He has organized Greek gastronomy festivals in Switzerland and presented at prestigious institutions globally. As a chef consultant and manager of various restaurants he emphasizes the importance of local products.

Beyond his professional achievements, Giannis Baxevanis is a father of four who started cooking classes for children to combat unhealthy eating, advocating for their right to culinary education.




Artemios Lainas is a creative interdisciplinary, Wine & Food Experience Expert with a long Italian, Greek and International militancy and presence.


Consulting in the Fine Dining industry, his priority mindset is to focus, interconnect and transmit terroir and culture through local products and cousin.


Founder of the Exclusive Experience Design Agency, his vision and work is the design of bespoke experiential hospitality experiences to create pure, long-lasting interconnections of information, senses, places and people.


His narrative and tasting procedures enhance creative professionals to unleash and evolve their full potential.  

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When inspired creativity meets the finest ingredients & mixes with the most advanced pastry techniques, the result is the unique creations of Dionisis Alerta. One of the most talented Greek Chef Patissier, Dionisis Alertas creates imaginative and original dining experiences that reflect the uniqueness of their creator: inimitable flavors, authentically balanced, that perfectly marry the classic with the new, seducing even the most demanding tasters. 


He began his studies in dietetics and cookery, but pastry won him over through notable collaborations with the Despoina patisserie, La Cigale, the Spondi restaurant (which has two Michelin stars), and he also has enviable experience working alongside the renowned Chef Patissier Gilles Marchal. 


Dionisis Alertas was the Chef Patissier of Deipnosofistirion Catering, while in collaboration with Deipnosofistirion Catering he owned the Criollo patisserie in Kifissia. Dionysis Alertas also collaborates with Gaspar & NJV Athens Plaza Hotel. 

With key influences from French parisserie, Dionisis Alertas enriches his specialized knowledge in haute confectionery by actively participating in the international development of confectionery. 

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