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Chef Competitions




The competition is divided into two categories on the basis of the daily charter rate of the yacht.


for yachts with a daily charter rate in high season up to 4.999 euros / day
Thursday 05/05/2023,10:00-18:30


for yachts with a daily charter rate in high season of 5.000 euro / day and above

Thursday 05/05/2023,10:00-18:30



  • There is no restriction in being vegan, vegetarian, etc.

  • There is no restriction in being an appetizer, or a main dish.

  • The dish must contain at least 4 preparations.

  • Each category will only have a maximum of 12 competing chefs. As a result, the organizing committee will conduct a draw if there are more than 12 entries in each category. 


"Greek cuisine is characterized by its timelessness and the variety of its recipes. Coming to the present day, we create traditional dishes with new techniques, combining ingredients and cultures from all over the world. Our goal is that, by seeing it, it does not remind us of a traditional recipe, but by tasting it, it awakens our taste memories."

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The facts
Fancy Cocktail

Water Competition

Yacht Show Water Competition by CYBA

CYBA has sponsored the Designer Water Contest at charter shows in the Caribbean, United States and Greece. It is thrilled to be staging the contest at the new EMMYS Show in Poros, Greece this May. The purpose of the contest is to highlight the benefits of reducing single use plastics.


Yacht Entries by clicking here

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The mission

Tablescaping Contest


Any number of the attending yacht crew are invited to take part in the Best Tablescaping competition. 

The chief stewards and stewardesses will compete against one another this year at the Chef's Competition to see who can make the most magnificent table settings. The goal is to create an atmosphere that is complementary to the meals that will be served and that will bring out the best in the chefs' creations. 


Entries will only be accepted if the yacht’s Chef has entered the
Chefs’ Competition.

Registration Form


Please read the rules prior to registering

All entries should be sent via email by:


12 pm on Friday, April 28, 2023


to the Chefs Competition Coordinator, at:

Contact details:

Dimitra Barbagianni
Tel: +30 6945984350

Late entries will not be accepted.
The jury will be composed of 3 (three) judges: XXXXX

Good Luck!
Click the image below to see the brochure:
chef's competition (600 × 800 px).png

Chefs Competition Terms:

1. Only chefs who are employed permanently aboard the yacht that will be at the EMMYS Yacht Show in 2023 are eligible to participate. Participation by chefs who are only temporarily employed for the duration of the show is not allowed.

2. Participants are requested to prepare a main course based on the theme and indicate in writing the name of the dish and its main ingredients.

3. The plate will be prepared by the contestant in the yacht’s galley.

4. The chefs are free to select their dish based on the theme of the competition. Basic preparations prior to the competition are allowed.

5. Each category will only have a maximum of 12 competing chefs. As a result, the organizing committee will conduct a draw if there are more than 12 entries in each category.

6. Each contestant must present the dish featuring the main dinnerware of the yacht in the yacht’s dining area and provide:

  • 4 * individual plates and cutlery for the judges to try the dishes.

  • A card in English: referring to the name of the contestant, name of the yacht, dish title and ingredients. The cards should be on white paper A5 (half A4) and positioned adjacent to the dish.

  • The 4th plate is designated for the photo shoot.

7. Each contestant will serve one dish to each judge, which should be enough for each judge to taste and then continue with their assessment. To give the judge a complete view of the meal with just one trial tasting, each preparation should be made as consistently as possible.

8. The jury is chosen by the EMMYS Boat Show organizing committee, which retains the right to change the jury's composition.

9. Each visit by the judges to a yacht must not last longer than 15 minutes and will take place between 10.30 and 19.00.

On Friday, May 5th, 2023, the competition jury attendance schedule will be displayed at the registration desk.

On May 3, 2023, at 19:00, the Chefs Competition Briefing will be conducted at the REGISTRATION Stand to address concerns regarding the dates and times of the judges's visits.

10. The jury will vote based on the following criteria:

  • Presentation

  • Taste

  • Originality

  • Balanced diet

11. Each of the four criteria above are evaluated out of a total of 10 (1 to 10 points, from each judge).

  • If the judge wishes to distinguish a dish, it has already obtained 40 points in total. (10 points from each judge); he has the option to add a star (in the note box of the voting form), which will be equivalent to 5 points. 135 points is the maximum score a chef can achieve.

  • Best Tablescaping will be evaluated out of a total of 5 (1 to 5 points, from each judge). Judges can give the distinction of a star equivalent to 5 points if the contestant has already obtained 15 points in total. 30 is the maximum score for this prize.

12. The results will be announced on Saturday 6th of May at the Syggrou building in Poros and the winners will receive commemorative awards.

13. The names of the winners and yachts will be featured on the official website of the exhibition and in the Greek and Foreign media.

14. The organizing committee reserves the right to change the terms of the competition.

Contest Registrations

Chef Competition
CYBA Water Competition
Tablescaping Competition
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