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Περιφέρεις Αττικής.png

Attica (the Greater Athens area) is a historic region and the largest one out of the 13 Greek Regions. The Region of Attica consists of 66 Municipalities and is divided into 8 Regional Divisions.


The Region of Attica includes the south-eastern part of mainland Greece, Troizinia in the Argolis Peninsula, most of the Saronic Gulf islands and the islands of Kythera and Antikythera. It has an area of 3,808 km2 and covers 2.9% of the total area of the country.


The Region of Attica has all it takes to become a short break destination: Attica’s climate, its geographical position, its morphology, its infrastructure for tourism (reception, accommodation, provision of services), its developed transport networks, sites of archaeological interest and contemporary culture.

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