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+30 210 4599500  

8 Aegaleo Str, Piraeus, Greece, 18545

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OTESAT_MARITEL a member of OTE Group, with shareholders also from the maritime industry is one of the leading providers of maritime satellite telecommunications globally.


The company develops and provides to its customers cutting edge integrated ICT solutions, combing the latest technology in IP networks and IT applications, always conforming to the highest quality standards with advanced level pre-sales and after-sales consultancy and full technical support services  to all main shipping centers.

OTESAT_MARITEL offers s@tGate, a state-of-the-art satcom management and cyber security platform which enables users to exploit smart technologies including digital services in a highly secure environment. s@tGate in combination with IRIS, an advanced Cyber Security Solution especially developed for the maritime industry boosts customer experience either via Fleet Xpress, Starlink, VSAT, Iridium e.c.t.

OTESAT_MARITEL with its 20+ years of experience provides and supports marine electronics (Radio, Safety, Navigation) services and equipment worldwide through its qualified personnel and a global network of service partners certified by a wide range of marine electronics manufacturers and all major classification societies. 


Lagoon, a brand of Groupe Beneteau, is the world leader in the market of cruising catamarans. With over 7,000 catamarans built, Lagoon offers models ranging from 40 to 78 feet in length. Since 1984, the brand has been opening the world’s seven seas to insatiable human curiosity, for exploration in complete safety. Elegant, comfortable, and reliable, Lagoon catamarans are designed to cross oceans. With an international network of dealers and service providers, environmentally responsible solutions, and a global community of owners, luxurious Lagoon catamarans are carefully constructed by our experts to connect the world’s most beautiful destinations.

HELLENIC SEAWAYS_logo_square.jpg

Hellenic Seaways, member of Attica Group, operates in passenger shipping and freight for more than 23 years in Greece.

The company has a fleet of 15 high-speed and conventional vessels offering a range of options in terms of journey type and duration. Its vessels operate in the Saronic Gulf islands, the Cyclades, and the Northern Aegean Sea, serving more than 20 destinations to the Greek islands and mainland. 

Hellenic Seaways’ conventional vessels are equipped with comfortable lounges, cabins, aircraft-type seats, open and closed deck bars, restaurants, shops, and all the amenities for an unforgettable travel experience, while its high-speed fleet includes 3 new ultra -modern and innovative AERO HIGHSPEED.

 Itineraries are planned with the aim of providing multiple travelling options supporting local communities, and connecting the Greek islands, with clear benefits for the country’s economy and tourism.



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Contact:+30 2651061951

2, Hadji Pelleren str., Ioannina, Greece, 45221

Embark on a journey of refined taste with Vikos refreshments, an exquisite line from Epirotic Bottling Industry S.A., produced with natural mineral water sourced from the homonymous Vikos spring. Our comprehensive range includes 13 different flavors, available in PET, glass, and aluminum cans, ensuring a tailored solution for every preference.

Immerse yourself in the rich, natural essence of Vikos as each sip unveils a symphony of flavors. Our cola line; Classic, Zero Sugar and Stevia, a testament to elegance, balances sweetness and depth, providing a distinguished sensory experience. The mixers, crafted with precision, enhance your drinks with a touch of sophistication, setting a new standard in the world of beverages. Discover the pinnacle of refreshment with Vikos Pink Grapefruit, hailed in the bar scene as the epitome of premium refreshment, derived from the purest Vikos spring. 

Explore our fruity line, featuring Orangeade, Orangeade non-carbonated, Orangeade stevia, Lemonade, Lemonade stevia, Gazoza, and Sour Cherry. Each variant is produced with natural mineral water and the finest selection of Greek fruit juices, delivering a burst of authentic flavors. 

Discover the pinnacle of refreshment with Vikos Pink Grapefruit, hailed in the bar scene as the epitome of premium refreshment, derived from the purest Vikos spring. 

Indulge in the artistry of Vikos refreshments – where natural purity meets unparalleled taste, defining a new era of sophistication in the beverage industry.


μ. Artisan Water

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Contact:+30 2651061951

2, Hadji Pelleren str., Ioannina, Greece, 45221

Introducing the μ. product line from Epirotic Bottling Industry S.A., a distinguished Greek-owned company committed to providing exceptional bottled water experiences. Crafted with precision, our still and sparkling variants showcase the essence of artisanal purity, sourced from pristine natural springs.

Our μ. Still water offers a smooth and velvety texture, delivering a refreshing taste that captivates the senses. Meticulously filtered through layers of mineral-rich rock, it epitomizes the purity of nature. Ideal for those who savor the subtleties of a pristine, still water experience.

On the other hand, the μ. Sparkling water boasts a lively effervescence that tingles the palate, enhancing your hydration journey. Each effervescent bubble encapsulates the essence of our commitment to excellence, providing a distinct character that sets it apart.

Epirotic Bottling Industry S.A. takes pride in the μ. product line, presenting a harmonious blend of craftsmanship and natural excellence. Elevate your hydration with μ. – a testament to purity and perfection.

Apollon Elite - Luxury Transportation Services

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+30698 076 5525

Konitsis 4 Athens, Greece, 104 45

Untitled design.png

Apollon Elite: Elevating Your Travel Experience

Established in 2010, our unwavering commitment to delivering impeccable transportation services tailored to unique needs sets us apart.

Our team of experts, deeply versed in the nuances of luxury transport, ensures that Apollon Elite seamlessly adapts to the dynamic market landscape. In 2016, we expanded our services to include VAN and Limo options, marking a pivotal moment in our pursuit of excellence. Furthering our commitment to innovation and sustainability, 2021 saw the introduction of Hybrid and Electrical technology vehicles to our fleet, encompassing SUVs, Vans, and city cars. Each vehicle boasts the perfect blend of modern comforts and cutting-edge technology, ensuring your journey is nothing short of remarkable.

At Apollon Elite, your comfort and safety are paramount. Our services cover a spectrum of needs, from meticulously organized excursions, group transfers, and efficient airport transportation to captivating sightseeing experiences around Greece. Our VIP transfers are tailored to meet the highest standards, and our wedding transportation services add a touch of elegance to your special day.


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Contact:+30 210 7725555

8a Chimarras str., Marousi, Greece, 15125

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EKO, with extensive experience and a dynamic presence in the Greek market, offers a leading portfolio of technologically advanced fuels, that provide enhanced performance and fuel economy, and specialized lubricants for high performance and engine protection, catering to the needs of every vessel. EKO possesses the largest network of fuel stations in Greece covering all vessel, vehicle and household needs across the country with reliability, consistency and immediacy.


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​4 Bouboulinas str., Piraeus, 18535

Untitled design-18.png

 In the realm of yachting, V.Petroleum Group epitomizes trust and excellence, leveraging more than a decade of experience in shipping bunkers to deliver seamless supply and service. As custodians of the supply chain, we orchestrate efficiency and reliability from order placement to fuel discharge, ensuring precision at every step. Partnering with CORAL MARINE, we offer tailored solutions for merchant shipping, catering to diverse vessel needs with top-quality products like VLSFO, MGO, and AGO. Collaborating further, we provide comprehensive lubrication solutions, addressing main engines, gear systems, and more, alongside Adblue and antifreeze solutions. Our dedication extends beyond delivery, offering sample analysis services to maintain machinery health and longevity. In an industry marked by challenges, V.Petroleum Group remains a beacon of expertise, dedication, and innovation, committed to navigating the maritime world with integrity and excellence. Join us at the Yachting Exhibition as we chart a course toward a sustainable future for the industry.


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+33 5 46 35 70 40

ZI du Fief Girard 17290 Aigrefeuille

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Fountaine Pajot have been designers and boat builders since 1976. As keen sailors, our aim has been to develop unique expertise to create high-performing, seaworthy, innovative and comfortable boats, heading towards a more sustainable world of cruising


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+30 210482 5887

3 M. Asias &  Katsoulakou 40, Athens, Greece, 185 47

Kartelias -Στρογγυλό jpeg.png

The pioneer company in the diving area 


 Kartelias & Co. company was started and developed by Nikos Kartelias, a former army rank and first instructor of the greek navy seals school. 

 Nikos Kartelias was trained in the most difficult frogman school of the US Navy and was one of the few who succeeded and graduated from this school and even with an EXCELLENT rating. After leaving the navy, he collaborated with famous American Archaeologists in underwater research and excavations in Greece and abroad. 

Today the company is housed in a building pre-planned for a special diving center, in order to cover all the needs of its customers, where all the company's activities are housed:


Retail exhibition: original, impressive, with a very wide variety in all kinds 


Modern laboratory for the manufacture of quality wetsuits, ready-made and made to measure 


Merchandise warehouses for wholesale in selected stores throughout Greece 


Breathing regulator repair and service workshops with the granting of certificates 


Water-cooled bottle filling station 


Air cylinder rechecking center (hydrostatic test) licensed by the Ministry of Industry and issuing certificates 


Roditis Yachting Agency

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+30 6974 447720

Mandraki Marina, Rhodes, Greece, 851 00

Established in 1989, Roditis Yachting Agency offers a wide range of services

to yacht owners and associate agents on the islands of Rhodes and Symi.

Any yacht arriving in the islands will have a number of requirements, all of which we can help with.

The often complex processes of customs and arrival formalities are made easy with us as your

partner and consultant.

Our experience, expertise and connections will ensure your visit to Rhodes is pleasant and trouble

free. We guarantee high quality services, professionalism, efficiency and discretion and personally

oversee all the operational details and the relationship with owners and captains.


Our yacht agency services include:

• Berth reservations

• Customs and formalities

• Fuel and lubricants

• Food and provisions

• Technical support and repairs

• Winter maintenance


In addition, our services extend to:

• Greek yacht charter license

• Corinth Canal crossing arrangements

• Daily boat charters

• Rhodes travel and guest services

• Guided shopping and crew assistance

• Chauffeur driven luxury cars

• Car rental

• Ferry tickets

• Bank Transfers and APA

• Other Dodecanese Islands

KORONAKIS o.k [Converted].jpg


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+30 210 4060600

Gravias Str. Piraeus, Greece, 18545

We would like to introduce you to our company, D. Koronakis Sa one of the strongest and most important synthetic and wire rope producer worldwide.

The company was established in 1967 and since that time has never stopped investing in developing new products and technologies.

Our product range includes specialized ropes of high quality, wire ropes, mooring ropes which are produced in our vast factory and have been recognized for their top quality and technical performance in different fields like Shipping, Yachting and Sailing, Fishing and Aquaculture, Offshore, Drilling and Towing.

Especially in the Yachting Industry, our company has been a unique supplier to the most known Shipyards and we are proud to inform you that our custom-made Kapa Lines are used by the biggest and more Luxurious yachts.

In addition to the products which are produced in-house, our company has established a yachting equipment department. In this segment we import from the entire world and commercialize in the Greek market the most famous and reliable yachting accessories and equipment.

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+302104136555 +302146875500

16, Defteras Merarchias Str. Piraeus, Greece, 18535

Phoenix Register of Shipping S.A. is an independent Hellenic Classification Society acting as an RO/RSO, providing classification services and statutory certification on behalf of the Flag States that have authorized PHRS for such purpose. 

PHRS was established more than 2 decades ago in Piraeus, Hellas where our headquarters are located to this day, while several branch offices and survey stations operate worldwide and in selected locations in Hellas, covering all main areas of activity. 

Phoenix Register of Shipping S.A. operates in full compliance with the requirements of the International Code for the Recognized Organizations MSC. 349(92) and is accredited with ISO 17020:2012 as Inspection Body type A as well as with ISO 9001:2015 for its internal processes. 

In line with our mission, PHRS carries out all of its business with consideration on environmental and social aspects for a sustainable shipping industry, with our commitment to high quality standards in a human focused approach. Our core values embrace integrity and ethics, impartiality and validation, customer focus and safety at work. 

PHRS’s operational setup focuses on a close relation with our clientele with a supportive attitude towards a successful and safe ship management.


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Astiggos 4, Pireas, Athens, Greece, 185 31


For over half a century, the Ωmega Academy, and now the Ωmega Yachting Academy, have highlighted the value of specialized maritime tourism education, setting high standards in quality and reliability of their programs.

With an extensive background of knowledge and experience, Ωmega Academy ensures the holistic development of its students, catering to both new enthusiasts and professionals in yachting and commercial shipping.

Offering a comprehensive range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs, seminars, and specialized training, the academy covers diverse areas such as 'Recreational Vessel Captain', 'Ship Mechanic', 'Speedboat School', 'Yacht Steward - VIP Hosting', and 'Marina & Vessel Management'.

By introducing innovative programs that focus on cultural and historical training, the Academy fosters an understanding of maritime heritage and culture. This approach effectively combines technical training with an in-depth exploration of cultural and historical dimensions, showcasing the complete picture of maritime adventure and Greece’s rich cultural legacy.


Nespresso Professional

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+30  210 611007

Leof. Kifisias 168, Neo Psichiko, Greece, 115 25

With a cup of coffee, we embark on a journey of flavor, quality, innovation, sustainability, and a better future. All of us at Nespresso care and strive to cater to the needs of all professionals, whether it be in the office, hotel, or restaurant. The coffee solutions by Nespresso Professional can adapt to specific business requirements.

We are committed to exceptional quality, ensuring that at every stage, from the coffee plantations to the final cup, through continuous and systematic natural and taste controls. This commitment allows us to offer 21 varieties of coffee of unique quality, satisfying all taste preferences at any time of the day.

We invest in high technology with innovative Nespresso Professional machines to bring each coffee variety to life for your customers. We respect people, improving the livelihoods of farmers and their communities. We reduce market and currency risks, safeguarding their livelihoods and ensuring fair prices for them.

We care for the environment and for you, by becoming a way to make your hotel more "green," adapting to the needs of the time and the sensitivities of your customers. We invite you on this journey to introduce you to the world of coffee that can be a force for good!

Seazone logo jpg.jpg

Seazone - Yacht Management Software

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+393801520156, +380993527682

HaTsedef St 1, 4655201, Herzliya, Israel is a cutting-edge software tailored for yacht management.
Designed to cover all yacht management aspects, it simplifies administration with its user-friendly interface.

Key Features:

1) Management Dashboard: Offers real-time monitoring of yacht and fleet status.
2) Financial Tools: Generates detailed financial reports, aids in revenue and expense analysis, and supports data export.
3) Maintenance & Task Management: Ensures technical tasks adhere to best practices.
4) Document & Guest Management: Manages essential documents, guest information and preference list.
5) Customizable Access: Enhances security by allowing user-specific access settings.
6) Charter Management: Provides a thorough overview of charter operations including APA reports.
7) Accessibility & Security: Ensures compatibility across devices with top-tier security and GDPR compliance. is a proven tool for efficient yacht management, addressing various administrative challenges and boosting operational efficiency for yacht operators.

Butcher Takis Magginas
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+30 210 8087036, +30 210 6233650

Agiou Trifonos 31, Kifisia, Greece, 14562

MAGGINAS LOGO_F_page-0003.jpg

Our company has been operating in the field of meat and food since 1987. 

Now having the trust of our customers we are focusing on the development of our services and products keeping up with the needs of the time.

We are opening our horizons to other food and supply sectors and we aim to provide the best possible service to all who choose us. 

Together with our trusted partners we undertake the supply of charter boats with meat, fish, cheese and cold cuts, deli products, wine and spirits. All properly packed in order to make the journey for both the crew and the passengers easier and more pleasant. 

It will be great pleasure to meet you and work together. 




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+30 2109851110, Fax: +30 2109851025

6A Aristotelous Str., Alimos, Attica-Greece, 17455

SIGMA INSURANCE BROKERS LTD is a leading insurance agency specializing in boat insurances (recreational or professional), offering comprehensive, high-level solutions since 1989. Collaborating with top-tier (A+ Class) insurance companies in Greece, the UK, Italy, Germany, France, and Monaco, we provide bespoke insurance services that cater to the unique needs of yacht owners. 


Owned and meticulously guided by Mrs. Anna Solakian, SIGMA INSURANCE BROKERS LTD reflects her extensive experience and commitment to excellence, focusing on delivering high-quality and client-centric insurance solutions, maintaining transparency and detailed information throughout every contract phase.


Our offerings include customized contracts for Mega yachts, Motor yachts, Sailing yachts, and more, covering Hull & Machinery, Protection and Indemnity, Third Party Liability, Crew Insurance, and various other specialized services. 


At SIGMA INSURANCE BROKERS, we pride ourselves on our professional integrity, managing a portfolio of over 15,000 clients. Our goal is to be a trusted partner, guaranteeing top-level insurance services for every client.



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+30 210 700 0724

Akti Kountouriotou 11, Pireas, Athens, Greece, 185 34


‘’ Sensing the need for a different approach to cruising, Elixir Cruises was founded, against all odds, in the midst of a world pandemic. We passionately believed in our vision: to redefine boutique cruising, to offer a holistic approach that embraces mind, body, and soul aboard yacht-like havens of comfort and style.

Genuinely boutique, combining elegant ambiance, personalised service, daily swim stops, authentic experiences and soothing wellness activities, the 25-cabin SOLAS certified Elysium, was launched in 2021. 

The 33-meter Gemaya yacht, featuring 5 deluxe suites is the latest addition to the Elixir family and will start sailing the Greek islands in the spring of 2024. Equipped with a plunge pool, a sea bob, a gaming console and many more luxury amenities, it offers a unique proposition, a real yacht experience, without the price tag. Both vessels are also available for private charters.

As the name of our company suggests, a cruise should feel like an “elixir of life”. At the end of a cruise with us, guests will feel relaxed, refreshed and deeply renewed.’’



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+30 210 7778877

6 Skouze Str., Galaxias Building, Piraeus, Greece, 185 36


SQLearn is an e-learning company that provides robust technological solutions for maritime training. 

Including Learning Management Systems (LMS), web-based teleconference platforms, and the development of e-learning courses and webinars. 

The company is known for its creative spirit and imaginative product design that makes measurable and positive business impacts, having gained a strong worldwide client network addressing diversified training needs, language, and cultural needs with sustainable results. 

SQLearn provides e-learning solutions, such as integrated Learning Management Systems (LMS) development, instructional design and custom e-learning content development, game based learning and serious games development, 3d training simulations, mobile learning and e-learning consultancy services. 

SQlearn is a valuable partner to companies and organizations that use e-learning for their training needs. Known for its creative spirit and imaginative product design, that make measurable and positive business impact, SQLearn has gained a strong worldwide client network addressing diversified training needs, language and cultural needs with sustainable results. Some of SQLearn’s advantages include: 

  • Specialized to e-learning related services and products, 

  • Great expertise arising from hundreds of successfully implemented e-learning projects and thousands of users supported, 

  • SQLearn’s course development team employs professionals from many different backgrounds and has a strong expertise in custom e-learning course development, 

  • Provides e-learning services and products according to EN ISO 9001:2015. 



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+30 6972400737

107 Avlonos & Siokou str., Athens, Greece, 10443


CASUS GRILL: The 1st eco disposable BBQ grill

Casus Gill is an idea born in Denmark where, the love for nature, environmental protection and good food, brought the idea of creating the 1st ecological disposable BBQ grill. Sold to more than 40 countries worldwide, Casus Grill has been awarded more than 25 times for its innovation and unique design and holds 3 global patents.



Made from 100% natural materials, minimal CO2 emissions and fully biodegradable


Simple – Easy to use

Set up in 2 minutes, lights up easily and in 5 minutes the stove reaches 300⁰-400⁰ ready to cook



Cooks meat, fish, vegetables for > 60 minutes, without burning them while preserving all the flavor

Make a Better Choice for the Future!



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+30 210 2524215

PB LOGO_page-0001.jpg

Portobello's is a flagship company in the field of men's fashion, where it has been active since 1975. 

A purely Greek company that, from its foundation until today, has aimed at the golden intersection between quality and price. 

Aiming for the high quality of fabrics, we consistently import raw materials from Italy and design clothing and accessories of our own manufacture in collaboration with experienced professionals in the field of men's clothing and footwear. 

With unsurpassed quality and affordable prices, Portobello's dresses the modern man who wants to make a difference. 

Covering every need for both casual and formal wear, a man finds at Portobello's quality proposals that express his personal style. 

Ιn 1987, our first store opened in Chalandri, which is also the "flagship" of the company, and since then the network of stores has grown rapidly. 
Now the company has one e-shop and eleven physical stores in Greece as its latest addition is the brand-new store in Thessaloniki, in the Mediterranean Cosmos shopping center. 

The company always operates with the aim of perfect service and meeting the needs of our customers. 

The goal is to always offer quality proposals with a view around men's clothing. 



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+30 210 9888600

Gina Polemi  +30 6981 191919

Kelly Kochilas  + 30 6944 532 231

42, Poseidonos Avenue, Palaio Faliro , Greece, 17561


Regatta Plus was founded to honour maritime excellence as well as the history which follows its name. A boutique services concept that spans from agency, management to charter and brokerage led by two women Gina Polemi and Kelly Kocheila who hail from a lineage deeply rooted in yachting.

Gina is an esteemed and resolute leader in the industry with a wealth of expertise

accumulated over several years in diverse facets of yacht operations and management. Her remarkable composure and efficacy in high-pressure and stressful circumstances ensure the utmost safety and seamless operations both aboard and ashore.

Kelly has actively immersed herself in various roles within the yachting community since she was a university student. Throughout her journey, Kelly has had the privilege of

encountering numerous exceptional individuals while establishing her domain as a leader in providing top-tier concierge services, crafting indelible moments of splendour.

As they both mentioned, the world of yachting demands the highest level of

professionalism, dedication and attention to detail. Regatta Plus team is trained and

committed to exceeding the client’s expectations.



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+30 697 718 4355

6 Tzon Kennenti str., Ag.Ioannis Rentis, Greece, 18233


After years of experience in the field of fishing, our company has developed a close cooperation with experienced professional fishermen throughout Greece. This partnership allows us to source daily fresh fish from different regions of the country and distribute them to our customers in Greece and abroad.

In addition, our packaging facility meets all health standards and has the required permits for the proper processing and preservation of the catch. This means that we take all necessary measures to ensure the safety and integrity of our products during distribution.

Our mission is to provide our customers with the ultimate in quality and to ensure that our fish reaches its destinations fresh and tasty. By constantly improving our processes and selecting the best professionals in the field, we remain pioneers in the field of fishing and fish distribution, helping to promote a healthy and great tasting experience for those who enjoy our products.



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+30 210 5590872-6

Location Tzaverdella, - P.O. Box: 46021, Ano Liosia, Athens, Greece, 13341


EVAL-E.G. Vallianatos S.A. is a leader Greek company, founded in 1976, producing marine lifesaving equipment & accessories for passenger ships & leisure boats. EVAL owns HQ, manufacturing, warehouse & buffer storage facilities. It applies quality management system according to ISO 9001, while its products have been certified by Notified Bodies LLOYD’S Register, Polish Register of Shipping, TÜV & RINA. 


EVAL - E.G. Vallianatos S.A. is European manufacturer of MEDSOLAS & CE products, offering a full range of safety equipment such as lifejackets (inherently buoyant and inflatable), lifebuoys, buoyancy aids, lifejacket and lifebuoy lights, meeting the latest standards. The company’s product range includes more than 7.000 codes of marine accessories, docking and anchoring, electrical, electronic, hydraulic, fishing and water sports equipment.


EVAL’s presence is in all over the world, through a well-organized network of collaborations. In this way, company exports Greek “production knowhow” of sea products, worldwide. Today, more than 45 countries in Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa, Australia and Canada trust its products.



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+30 216 900 5141 / 42

2nd km Koropiou-Varis Av., P.O. Box 88, 19400 Koropi, Athens, Greece

MPD_Logo transparent_Color.png

Melita Power Diesel, your partner in every nautical mile.


A prominent member of the prestigious Melita Marine Group, MPD embarked from Malta's shores in the 1980s, steering the helm as one of the preferred partners and distributors of mtu – A Rolls-Royce solution engines. Today, with “anchorages” in Greece, Cyprus, and Libya, we have charted a course to be the region's trusted choice for unparalleled propulsion solutions and services.


Sailing with Reliability – A synonym to top craftsmanship, mtu engines offer both formidable power and graceful agility, reassuring your voyages are not just about destinations but life experiences.


Harbor of Service Excellence – From a routine check to an overhaul, our dedicated marine technicians and state-of-the-art workshops are spread across the Mediterranean, ensuring that your yacht remains more than just a vessel – it's a legacy.  



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+30 210-8011051, +30 210-801072

324, Kifissias Av., Kifissia, Athens, Greece, 14563

Home Tradition.png

Home Tradition is a lifestyle furniture and home accessories store located in Athens, Greece. Our collection is an unparalleled curation of world-class designers and tableware of lasting value combining modern and classic pieces that are presented together in perfect harmony.


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logo black_page-0001.jpg

​We specialize in delivering top-tier mobile massage services to your yacht or villa, focusing on professional, personalized care. Our goal is to provide an exceptional wellness experience, emphasizing the skill and expertise of our therapists to cater to your unique needs and preferences Our vision is to integrate the highest standard of professional massage therapy into your lifestyle, wherever you might be. With a team of expert therapists, we commit to a service that adapts to you, ensuring each session is meticulously tailored for your optimal well-being and satisfaction


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+30 211 7156291

Leof.Marathonos 63, Pikermi, 19009

nueces official logo (1).jpg

 Born in Greece and carrying our London experience, nueces is for people of the highest standards and demands. 

 Based in Athens, our premium company specializes in exquisite packages of dry nuts, dried fruits, chocolates, and delights, drawing on a decade of industry expertise since our establishment in 2020. Embark on the journey of the 5 sensations with Nueces—Taste, Hearing, Touch, Smell, and Sight. We meticulously curate nature's finest to craft a sensory universe, believing that sensory engagement forms the essence of exceptional experiences. 

 At Nueces, simplicity and quality reign supreme. We prioritize respect for people, nature, and culture, sourcing our products from small, independent producers worldwide who shun industrialized farming techniques. 

 The preservation of top-notch quality and flavour of the products is a significant principle that the company upholds. All our nuts & dried fruits are vegan, with a wide selection of no added sugar and no added salt products.


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+30 2610 994300

K.Palama 6 Rion Patras

Main Office: Theathraki Marina Patras

Patras Greece, 26442


El Yachting was established in 2010 by Elena and Apostolis Papadopoulos. Having worked in the yacht chartering business for many years Elena and Apostolis decided to join forces and pour their passion for yachting and their acquired wide knowledge of the industry into their own business. The duo can look back on 20 years of experience as they started out in their university years working as crew on large motor yachts. After graduating Elena worked for a number of years in Athens as a Head Charter Broker for luxury yachts whereas Apostolis continued his career as skipper and Captain adding many nautical miles to his bio.


The combination of Elena’s experience in the chartering business and Apostolis’s knowledge of yachting was the perfect recipe for success of their yacht chartering company.

Today, El Yachting, owns its own fleet of sailing yachts and catamarans and is also appointed as central agent for crewed yachts.


The company’s main office is located in Patras and also has a branch office in Lefkas island.


The teams’ understanding and aim is to offer its guests the best possible service helping and guiding their clients to find their dream yacht and take them step by step through the process.


El Yachting’s motto is quality not quantity - offering top service and top yachts.


Alva Yachts is determined to improve the society we live in. We are on a journey towards sustainable, avant-garde electric yachting.

Climate action through leading the development of new technologies, embracing solutions for a circular economy and conducting our business in an ethical and responsible way, are what we are all about. We constantly strive for new, greener technology that improves performance to be used in our yachts. Our Solar Roof System is one example of our efforts, but we are fully aware that there is still much work to be done.

Battery circularity will become a key focus in the yachting industry and Alva Yachts is committed to guiding the industry forward in minimizing the environmental impact of batteries. Together with driving technology, the modern approach to ownership in Alva Yachts will help to transform the yachting retail industry and create endless opportunities for sustainable business solutions.

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